King of the air

big bay, blouberg
21st Jan – 5th Feb 2017

Kenner unter Euch wissen was das bedeutet, kein Kitesurfevent auf dieser Welt ist so knall hart wie hier in BIGBAY.

Seit 2017 Live dabei und sichert Euch Euren Platz in der Ocean-Lounge.

Infos zum Event findet ihr hier.




History & Legends

Red Bull King of the Air is South Africa’s biggest and most extreme kiteboarding competition. 24 of the world’s greatest riders face-off in a bid to command the elements and rule the sky, ultimately being crowned King of The Air.

The very first Red Bull King of The Air ran at the hallowed windsurfing spot, Ho’okipa, on the Hawaiian islands of Maui in 2000. Back then the kites were raw, powerful, and relatively dangerous and the riders were all about throwing the biggest airs. As the equipment developed and became readily available to the public, kiteboarding was excitedly hailed as the ‘fastest growing watersport in the world’.

For five years Red Bull King of The Air staged the biggest one-off annual event at the most epic spots.

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